The Hallam Brothers

When Ralph decided to sell Abe and Son, the Hallam brothers jumped at the opportunity. Marty and Brett grew up in the small town of Seeley Lake, Montana. This meant hunting was life. Both of them have kept that passion going throughout their lives. They have been hunting together for years, in pursuit of deer, bear, and elk. If you ask either of them what their favorite game to pursue, without hesitation, they both would say elk. They are excited to take Abe and Son to the next level and help you take your elk calling game to new levels of success.

Favorite Call


Ralph "Abe" Meline

Abe saw a need for a real natural elk sound in 1990. Abe has now patented four calls since then. His love for hunting is only matched by his love for helping other become better hunters. Abe and his son still hunt and game call to this day. Abe loves his country and still makes sure everything is made in the U.S.A.

Favorite Call